As I write this, with one hand, I think back to November 29th 2020 right before I started pilot training. According to JLaw, I was trying to be too cool for school my meal prepping w these bulky clunky headphones I got on Amazon for a great deal. Anyways I am a big fan of not using dishes if I don’t have to. Why? Because a dish saved is one less you have to clean. While meal prepping in my kitchen I was holding a sweet potato over the sink stabbing holes in it with a knife.. very stupid if you don’t see where this is going. I hit a hard spot in the sweet potato and everyone knows raw sweet potatoes are hard af so to speak. Long story short I cut through the sweet potato after man handling it and managed to cut all four fingers on my left hand. That shit really hunted. I was squirting blood everywhere, it hurt like hell and I didn’t know what to do. I ran to Jlaw in the other room and like the little girl he is he shunned me away bc he was afraid of blood. His ER nurse of a girlfriend at the time was also there but I quickly deemed her worthless. But the story only gets more wild from here…

Find part two here

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