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This is my personal website for social, professional, and business networking. If it’s your first time here, check out my blog to see some of the cool things I’m working on. Thanks for stopping by!

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Real Estate Agent (FL)

If you're looking to buy or sell real estate in Florida, I can help you find the right deal that makes $ense.


Have money wasting away in the bank? The inflation pig is eating away at it everyday. Find out how I can help you make your money work for you!

Consultation Calls

Available 25/8 for any calls pertaining to my courses or business opportunities.

Car Sales and Acquisition

Looking for a specific kind of vehicle? Me and my team will find it for you at the best price possible guaranteed!

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"I'd say the sky is the limit, but limits only exist where opportunities don't."



Cars sold this year

Current opportunities

Car Syndicating

I’m offering the ability to invest in my car selling business as a way to earn great returns in a short time period. If you’re interested reach out here.

Coming Soon: Course on how to make $2,000+ per/week on Facebook Marketplace!
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